Is it worth it ? Your stuff that is. Is it really worth what you think it is ?

If all your stuff suddenly disappeared from your home, and you had to buy it all back again, how much would you pay ?

That set of odd mugs that greet you as you open the cupboard, that one marked “The worlds best Dad, Mum, Sister, Brother”, you know the one. Its of no more value than the couple of pounds you could pick it up from the market stall. Before you say it has the emotional value as a gift from the person involved. That value is not in the mug, its in the relationship you have with that person.

You see, people perceive the things they already own, as having a higher value than those same items, if they had to buy them.
‘I can’t get rid of that, it might be worth something !’ you say. Might, a slim chance. How much would you pay to buy it back ?

Lets face it, a lot of your stuff is completely worthless. So why are you hanging on to it, fearing its loss ?
Let it go, if its so valuable, donate it to a good cause, they need the money more than you.

Its not about its value, its about the value it brings, and the things of most value, are generally not things.