There’s something about simplicity. Its, well, just simple really.

I’ve spent the last three days doing some simple things. Walking, sitting, reading, exploring, and at the beginning and end of each day eating some simple meals. I’m perched on the top of a small mountain, staring out at the sea, and I’m reminded about how the simple things in life are enough to make me happy. There’s no internet here, my smartphone remains in my bag, packed away where it has been for the last week, save using it to call and book a hotel.

I can stare out from here and see only a dozen or so houses, and I know most of them are empty. The road runs from left to right as far as the eye can see in both directions. There’s not a single car or motorcycle on it, and I can’t see anyone.

Back at home, I can imagine the christmas festivities raging on. The madness of the new year sales, albeit they started even before christmas this year. If you’re sat in front of the TV, there will be the endless holiday adverts, reminding you to book early.

I’m not suggesting you climb mountains to get away from it all, but perhaps in the middle of this bedlam that is the gap between christmas and new year, you might want to consider a little time out to yourself. Perhaps a walk, a drive to the country, even to just sit in a quiet room for a while and relax and simplify. It can be a relaxing oasis in this desert of madness.