needs vs wants I came across this magazine. As a Minimalist, my first thought was that this is just plain wrong, its needs vs wants. Here’s why. We need a roof over our head, food on the table, to feel safe. New clothes are a want, a desire, like desiring a Ferrari, desiring champagne or desiring to get on a plane and fly to far flung lands. A gentleman called Maslow talked about needs. It’s our choice in what we spend our hard earned cash on. Whilst marketers will endeavour to influence us in every way we can, its still our choice. You should remember that our things don’t define us, our actions do. Wearing the nicest new clothes won’t make you any more awesome than you are already. Its not for others to measure us by what they value. Valuing people by what they wear, is pretty shallow when you think about it. So what have we learnt ? You probably don’t need new clothes. You might want or desire them, but you don’t actually need them. Unless of course you’ve worn out yours like I did.