I was kind enough to be invited to interview with Mark and Laura from Enjoy Life Slowly. (Sadly the site no longer exists)

As fellow minimalists from the UK, we talked about a huge range of subjects across the minimalist and lifestyle spectrum.

In the interview we talk about:

  • How the blog Two Less Things got its name
  • One of the biggest challenges on the minimalist journey
  • UK vs US minimalism and how minimalism is spreading
  • What I was trying to achieve through the blog
  • Some of my challenges in adopting minimalism
  • Uber Minimalists vs Tiny Minimalists
  • My new book The Minimalist Man
  • Other minimalist bloggers and blogging in general

Its a relaxed discussion with Mark and Laura talking about some of their own experiences.

Listen Here

… and if the sound of my voice isn’t of interest to you, take a listen to some of the other interviews. They have an impressive guest list including:

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