I’ve written about the Minimalist Wardrobe before. Its probably one of my most popular blog posts. Here’s another idea that may help you minimalise your wardrobe space.

There ought to be three types of clothes in your wardrobe

1) The clothes that fit you now
2) The clothes that you feel you look great in
3) The clothes that when you wear them, people say, “you look great in that”

You need to get rid of the clothes you wish you could fit into. Especially if you’ve been wishing for more than a year.
Use this simple tip with coat hangers 
This minimalist wardrobe thing extends to ¬†the piles of clothes in drawers too. If you habitually take things from the top of the pile, the stuff on the bottom is probably worth getting rid of, as you probably won’t have worn it in months, years possibly.
While you’re at it, match your socks too. We all know the universe eats socks and they never reappear, get rid of the lonesome ones.