Its been a while.

Everyone has excuses, but actually having not done things generally boils down to one thing. It wasn’t important.

Minimalism as I (and others) see it, is about focusing on whats important, and ignoring, where possible, what is not.

Now I can see the thoughts of anyone reading this, as implying that Minimalism just hasn’t been important for a while. In fact one one reader sent me a mail saying pretty much that. I don’t blame them.

I’ve been concentrating on my business, its important, very important. Until recently its been my singular focus, to the detriment of everything else. Now it isn’t.

Like others, Susannah Conway, and Chris Guillebeau, I too start to review the year and thing about whats important for next, being a Minimalist is very much on the agenda for next year, as it was for this one.

Expect a little more from me soon.