Minimalist on Black Friday

Its been a while since I’ve posted, no particular reason why, I’m still as Minimalist as I ever was.

I’ve been prompted into commenting on this weekend’s madness, they call it Black Friday in the US. Its spreading here to the UK.

As others have commented, its the day after a national holiday to be thankful for what you have. The following day its all forgotten and they rush to the shops to buy stuff they mostly don’t need, for people who don’t want it. Don’t get me started on the packaging and gift wrap. I don’t think too many people were trampled this year. There were even posts on blogs about how to plan your buying, and yes, there’s an App for that !

Thankfully, not everyone thinks the same way. Do the Green Thing posted the image above on Facebook, and it coincided with Buy Nothing Day.

I didn’t feel the need to buy anything.


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