When the word minimalist appears in conversation, people generally think of houses whose interiors are white with empty surfaces. Clinical and show-home are words used to describe them. So when I talk about getting rid of possessions, people think I’m a little crazy. What ! You get rid of all the things its taken you years to buy ? Why would you do that ? So, being a crazy man, in a minority, that no one understands, why on earth would I then go on to write about it ? In public on the internet for the world to see. Like all good tales, there’s far more to it than meets the eye. This was not only the humble beginnings of the blog Two Less Things, but a complete change of life for me. This is a story of how getting rid of all my stuff, allowed me space to question everything in my life, and find what was truly important. What’s more as I travelled this journey into minimalism, I met, and was contacted by, more and more people who felt the same. They too were inspired to remove the clutter from their lives and concentrate on their passions, their relationships and the aspects of their life that were truly important to them.

This is a short extract from my upcoming book, The Minimalist Man, soon to be released on the amazon kindle platform. You can find more details on The Minimalist Man book page.