Its that day again, and this year its acknowledged that its spread to the UK. I read its been fueled by the three A’s;  Amazon, Apple and Asda (Wal-Mart)

Here are some of the quotes I’ve picked up from the internet today. The words speak for themselves and tell us a sad story of society I feel:

According to predictions, over 140 million Americans will go shopping this Black Friday/holiday weekend. In total, during the holiday season, Americans are expected to spend $616 billion dollars (source). – Becoming Minimalist
Visa has predicted that UK shoppers will spend £518m online on cards on Friday – which would make it the country’s biggest internet shopping day in history.
Black Friday is a media trap, an orchestrated mass hallucination based on herd dynamics and the media cycle.]  – Seth Godin
Black Friday is the day we trample people for things we don’t need, the day after being thankful for what we have. – @stevenamcqueen
 It’s upsetting, and with consumption’s vicious inertia, it seems as though there’s no way for us to exit the speeding train of consumerism. – The Minimalists
Greater Manchester Police appealed for calm after attending seven Tesco shops, at which three men were arrested and a woman was hit by a falling television. – BBC
A woman broke her wrist in a crush, with Greater Manchester Police’s deputy chief constable Ian Hopkins describing shoppers’ behaviour as “appalling” – BBC
“Even on #BlackFriday shoving people to the floor so you can get £20 off a Coffee Maker is still an assault.” – @MPSSurbitonHSgt
Of course! Only worth buying if you can a) Afford b) wanted it before c) It’s the cheapest price ever – @MoneySavingExp