Why are we afraid to declutter ?

– Because the stuff we own has power.
– Because if we let go of our stuff we fear we’ll lose the memories associated with it, of our achievements, or the people we associate with it.
– Because I know I’ll need that one day.

Stuff doesn’t have power, you’re the one with the choices. It’s just stuff.

The memories are the important things, not the stuff thats associated with those memories. Your memories aren’t going to disappear when the stuff is gone.

Just in case. Just in case what ? That you one day need a second set of christmas decorations. That just in case day never comes, and if that once in a blue moon occasion should actually happen, then replacing that thing you’ve kept for 30 years will cost you almost nothing.

Too much clutter makes you suffocated, overwhelmed, or both.  If there’s too much stuff in our homes, it makes it overwhelming to live in it.

If you can’t fit any more books on that shelf, you have too many books. If that cupboard is full, you have too much stuff. Trouble shutting those doors, draws, and boxes, you have too much stuff.

There’s no power to stuff, your memories will still be there, and that ‘one day’ is probably never going to arrive.