Why do we hang on to our things ? Why are they cherished ? What is it about these particular items that makes it so hard to be without them ?

Its not our stuff, its our emotions.

There’s a box in my garage, in it, is some stuff. It was my step-dad’s. He died a few years ago. I’ve moved it from one house to another. I can’t seem to be without it, I never look in the box. The contents may be of some value, but I can’t tell you what they are.

Of all the things I’ve let go of, this one box is not one of them.The contents aren’t stuff, they are the memories of a person.

The problem, is that they aren’t. This box of stuff, is stuff. No matter what value it was to my step-dad, or what emotional attachment I have to him, its still a box with things in it, that I will never use, that will never be of any value to me, or probably anyone else.

Its a strange thing, that memories are triggered by the touch of objects, the sight of things, the familiar smell as old boxes are opened. That is all they are. Triggers to memories. Our memories are always with us, they can never be taken away, and if the stuff is gone, we still have the memories.

The box of stuff will be gone soon, the memories will be there for a lifetime.