Welcome to the Minimalist Blog – Two Less Things

Welcome to the Minimalist Blog – Two Less Things

There are blog posts here that started back in February 2012 and typically describe my journey to minimalism and some of the general observations I made as I went through this journey.

You can read the majority of the old posts in my book; The Minimalist Man, along with some commentary not seen here if you’d prefer.


A UK and International Blog

Whilst this blog originally started as a point of view of minimalism from the UK, you the readers, come from far and wide. Not too surprisingly the biggest audience being in the US, but minimalism is spreading throughout Europe and Asia so you tell me from the kind words you send.


Minimalist Blog Themes

In hindsight the blog probably should have been a little more structured from the start, but I really set out to write as much for myself, rather than the thousands of people who read it now. The entries generally fit into the following categories:

Have Less Stuff

These entries talk about the process of decluttering and removing the unnecessary stuff from your life.  I tend to take a more philosophical view of minimalism rather than a writer of minimalist tips, but as you’ll see, some minimalist tips are well worth writing about.

Minimalist Lifestyle

These entries talk about some of the lifestyle choices and opportunities that you can consider as you move through your journey to minimalism.

All of the theme’s for the writing are in the menu, Minimalist Themes in the sidebar to the bottom right of this page. They do overlap on occasions so worth having a browse in other categories than the ones you started with.


Minimalism – Where to Start

If you’re new to minimalism you might want to start with the entry; Minimalism – How to Start. This is also available as a free .PDF document if you want to download it.


Popular Minimalist Posts

There are some posts that seem to elicit more response and engagement than all of the others, they are constantly updated and are also in the sidebar on the right of this page.


How you can support Two Less Things

I hope you enjoy reading about my minimalist lifestyle and would really love you to comment and ask questions, or contact me directly if you’d like me to talk about a minimalist topic you think I’ve missed.

Thank you so much to those who have supported my writing by buying my book, or sharing on social media, blogs and forums, or by using the links below. I have recently added a resources page that does include some affiliate links.


Please enjoy, use and pass on to others.