It’s back again. That dreadful day.

The day that many take leave of their senses and consume for consumption’s sake. This year even the police are offering a warning. 

We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.



This Black Friday I’d like to offer an alternative. Why not bring a little light into the blackness? Why not do something for people who do have a need ?

Why not give money that you do have, however small a sum, to a cause worthy of it? If money is a little tight right now, why not give time ? Time is a finite commodity and usually far more valuable than money.

Give your time or money to those you love, to those you can support, and to those who need some help. They say charity begins at home, but it also extends across the globe.

I’m on holiday in Thailand right now, but every morning at 6am I’m in my running gear and heading toward the pier in practice for the Angkor Wat half marathon. Myself and one of my closest friends are running to support ISF. A charity that takes some of the poorest children in Cambodia off the rubbish tips where they collect plastics and cans, and puts them into an education programme, gives them healthcare and supports their community.

If you’re finding it difficult to choose your own worthy cause, my Just Giving sponsorship page is here.