In the cupboard in the spare room in the house are a set of the shiniest and most awesome skis. They are perfect and unmarked. Their surfaces shine. They were very expensive. So I wonder why these skis are so shiny, and they have been here for some time, years, shining to many a visitor to that room.

For the owner they are unused, when we ask will you try your skis and come with us, they reply that they are busy. That there’s not enough snow, that their skis were expensive and may be scratched on the ground where the ice is thin. Besides, they are busy. Busy playing games, busy with the computer, busy always with something, with busyness.

I’m new to skiing this year, and its awesome. Fear, excitement speed, adrenaline, laughter and the odd bruise here and there. Its social and fun, and I now see why people take whole holidays just to experience it. Someone was kind enough to offer me use of their skis, they are not so shiny, quite the opposite, they have seen many days on the slopes. They offered me shoes, some slightly small gloves and some not quite straight poles. They knew I’d not experienced skiing before. I was extremely grateful for their generosity. I fell many times as I learned, I laughed at myself, a source of humour to others. I was cold, slightly bruised, exhilarated and very happy.

The new skis remain in the cupboard, they are still shiny.