Minimalist Links and Influences

Minimalist Links and Influences

As you may have gathered from pages on this blog, I’ve been influenced in my own pursuit of minimalism by some other splendid bloggers. Below are a few links to some of them. If you think I’ve missed some please do add suggestions in the comments. There’s nothing I like more than to find others who have the same principles as myself, but perhaps have added their own unique experiences, and beliefs into their writing.


Zen Habits

Written by Leo Babauta, this blog was definitely the one that planted the seed of Minimalism in my mind. I was a subscriber in the early days, (when comments were allowed) and watched many attempt to copy his style ( and make use of the comment links). Leo’s work is completely original and I’ll remain a fan of his open and honest style, as much as the beautiful and thought provoking content.


The Minimalists

Joshua and Ryan’s blog is a fairly recent find for me. The one thing that struck me immediately about their blog, was the similarity between their own experiences and mine. They too were on the corporate ladder, they too had all the possessions, stuff, tech, that I had. They too arrived at the conclusion that in the long term it just didn’t make them happy. I just wish I’d seen it at their age and not later in life as I did.



Rick’s blog is even more recent a find. What I love about his blog is the style of his writing. I so wish I could write like he does. It immerses you, is so honest and heartfelt. The heart on the sleeve of writing. I can only assume the age gap between he and I is not that great. I guess you get to a certain age and start to reflect. If this is what age and reflection does to a man, bring it on.



There are many more blogs as minimalist thinking spreads, some famous, some less so, but the ones above are those that have truly influenced my actions in becoming a minimalist.