Minimalist Book – A Minimalist Guide

So you came here looking for a minimalist book. A guide to living a minimalist lifestyle perhaps. A range of books by other minimalists maybe.

Well I’m sorry, they aren’t here.

So why have you put up this page ?

One of the questions any blogger will ask, as they write each and every page, each blog post, a rant, a snippet of information, is, does anyone really read this stuff ? Is it of value to anyone but me ?

Fortunately, for most of us, we get feedback from time to time. So far a few people have told me my writing’s not bad. So far no one’s told me its terrible, but as a struggling writer and someone completely new to this, sometimes I’d like a steer as to what to write next. I know myself I ought to put a little more of me into my writing, peel back my reserved nature and bare my soul. So often I’ve thought about taking some time to produce something extra. From a simple short and sweet guide, to a full length novel.

So this page is here to ask you, what would you like to see here ?  What did you come looking for ?

Did you want just another generalised ebook, just like all the others, or would you like more on a particular topic.

Its just that I thought I should ask for your help on this.