Minimalism – How I can help

I’ve been asked a number of times how I can help individuals make progress on becoming Minimalists in their own right, and leading a life of Minimalism. When asked, you want the space that would make you happier and allow you to focus on your dreams and passions. This is of course a very individual choice, with no two people having the same view on what is most important in your life. Sometime’s it is allowing you to declutter your home, sometimes it is taking a higher level view and looking at what you truly are passionate about, what really is important to you.

One to One coaching: The Minimalist Life – Helping you find what’s important

I am introducing a limited service, where I can help you with some of these questions. We can then work together through a series of structured exercises, where we work out what suits you, and your life, your goals, your passions.

  • face to face in London or Cambridgeshire
  • telephone coaching
  • Skype

The Minimalist Life – Helping you declutter

I can visit your home, or office and help you with the physical items that clutter you space. Through some supportive questioning we can look at the how things ended up this way, create some new habits, and allow you to build on these techniques to declutter your space. This could be the Big Bang approach, doing the clearing there and then, or if this sounds a little daunting, allow you to go through the decluttering process at your own pace.

  • 1/2 day at your home (limited availability -only South East)
  • Weekends

At the moment these services are for UK residents only. However, I’m looking at an online course to help you find your passions, later this year. Please use the contact form to register an interest or book a session.