Free Minimalist Pictures

We’re coming up to that time of year when we see consumerism and the focus on things at a peak.

I have nothing against the celebrations with the giving and receiving of gifts,  it is the season to be jolly after all. What I do find uncomfortable is the arrival of copious quantities of crap that appear on store shelves. The stuff that people feel the need to purchase, with the anticipation of the look on the faces as recipients of this stuff, who neither needed nor wanted it as a so-called gift.

A while back I made these images and for some reason never got around to posting them up. I think I was conscious that they could become yet more clutter around your home. I think perhaps now is the time to post them here.

I’m a visual person, and generally like picture based information, so found that having these reminders around the place, great cues to rethink previous habits.

I thought others may find them of value, so have posted them up for free downloads. Mine went in some old frames, and I’m sure readers will find more creative uses for them.

Feel free to let me know how you used yours.

The images are in various sizes here.