Declutter 50 things in an hour

Today was one of those days that happens every so often. I look at a cupboard, shelves, a room, and think, Look at all that clutter. Its got to go. So I spent an hour just going through a raft of stuff I’d been staring at for the previous hour and amazed myself in how much I no longer need.

I’ve added a list below, its not an exciting list, but some of the reasons for keeping or removing the items may trigger similar questions if you’re to do this yourself. I completed all this in just under an hour and I think there were slightly more than 50 items, but its a round number for a list.

1) The box of foreign notes and coins I brought back from holiday and are so small in value the bank won’t exchange them.

2) Those coasters that have been sat on the shelves unused

3) That nice folder thing I used to take to work, but don’t work there anymore

4) A notebook I’ve had for at least five years, its remained empty throughout

5) The Postcard holder for the business postcards I no longer use

6) The big Camera bag I don’t use anymore

7) The small camera bag I don’t use anymore

8 ) The camera lens cup, that actually I have two of, one can go

9) That really nice paper I bought 3 years ago and never used

10) That grey T-Shirt I no longer like

11) Those beige shorts that don’t fit me anymore

12) That black jumper I wore… well… did I actually wear it ?

13) That photo portfolio thats now so out of date I’d be embarrassed to show it

14) The pink T-Shirt I don’t wear, yes pink !

15) The Sample of the product I don’t sell

16) The mini sample of the product I don’t sell

17, 18 ) Two Photoshop tutorial books 3 versions behind the current one

19 – 21) 3 magazines who’s articles I thought I’d really need, but having looked, I can’t find anything relevant

22,23) The seminar notes I’d painstakingly taken. Summarised, bound, and then just shelved

24-29) 5 Catalogues that are over a year old

30-35) 5 Books I can’t ever remember reading

35- 40) 5 more catalogues I could have sworn I threw out the last time I

did this exercise

41) The Ikea photo frame that is just so outdated

42-45) More magazines I really thought I needed but can’t remember reading

46) The basket that propped up the the books I’ve just got rid of

47- 50)  Current year catalogues, but I know the prices are wrong, and its all online anyway


This is how I managed to declutter 50 things in an hour, I hope this helps motivate you in your de-cluttering. If you’re up for a little more try the 100 Things Challenge.

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