In researching the more good stuff and less bad stuff,  and reading through some of the other minimalist and lifestyle blogs I read, the authors talk about a change of lifestyle and the quest for satisfaction as; a meaningful life, a life with passion, an inspirational lifestyle, a fulfilling lifestyle, and whilst I see the need for each author to have their own particular brand and their own perspective on life, I think they all seem to imply the same thing.

People in general, want to have a life with more good stuff and less bad stuff.

From the pages of this blog you’ll see that I like the word ‘stuff’. Its an all encompassing word that describes, things, feelings, actions and a whole host of other emotions and activities. In my view, as with many of those authors, I agree that minimalism extends far beyond the repurposing and recycling of material possessions, and into relationships, emotions, activities and actions. By way of example, since I took up minimalism I’ve removed some of the following stuff:

– Stopped seeing friends I don’t really have anything in common with any more
– Removed inconsequential things from my goals
– Made a hasty exit from situations and arguments that have no value
– Stopped watching TV ( though I do record the odd programme I particularly like)

and in their place I’ve added the following good stuff:

– Travel
– Expanding my network of friends and colleagues
– spending time on personal projects
– reading, I love to read
– Exercising

So how did I do this ?

Every so often, I reflect on my current situation. I look at what I’ve done that I’ve enjoyed, and try to plan more of it. Then look at what I’ve disliked, or more likely in my case, procrastinated on and plan to do less of it. I find that things I procrastinate on, are usually a sign that I don’t actually want to do them. Some things just have to be done, like taxes and household chores, but some of the stuff I’ve procrastinated on, actually doesn’t have to be done at all. Or maybe I could get someone else to do it, like my blocked drains recently, I called a plumber. Whilst that costs money, in hindsight, I’d rather pay them to do a professional job of it, than spend my precious weekend making a bad job of it and then having to call a plumber anyway. I hate plumbing.

Is there stuff in your life you procrastinate on, is this bad stuff ? Can you find others who would gladly take payment for the things you dislike, perhaps people and businesses who’s very existence is based on the things you don’t like, like PA’s, those who do ironing, cleaners, decorators and a whole directory of helpful people who would be delighted to take away your bad stuff, leaving you more time to spend on good stuff.