I have 4 large plates, the ones you eat dinner from.

They are an unexpected symbol of my Minimalism.

They are the brunt of humour from my friends and colleagues, only 4 plates ?! Do you not need more than that? Is there not plate related trauma in your house ? How on earth do you survive ? I have been asked about them by writers and journalists.

I maintain a healthy sense of humour, but I don’t get it. There are 3 of us in the house, thats a plate each, we even have a  spare. If they are clean we have one each and more. If they are dirty, they are washed. I was surprised to hear we need another 4. The ones that are in the dishwasher and the ones that are used. Did I miss something ?

Guests, well, we seem to manage. None of them have mentioned the plate situation. One of them did ask to see the celebrity plates so many people talk about.

There was an accident, a plate was dropped. We have 3 now. No spare.